Malaysain Business Man Combines Old and New Traditions

Dr. Vijay Eswaran the Malaysian businessman who founded the QI group of companies and serves as its executive chairman credits his ability the merge traditional sales methods with e-commerce for his success. As early as 1998, Eswaran was able to see how the power of the internet could help him grow his group of companies. He found somewhat of a niche business in numismatics (coin collecting) and was able to design and sell commemorative coins for the 2000 Olympic games that were held in Sydney Australia. Since then his business has grown exponentially with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore Thailand, Malaysia, and nearly ten other countries throughout Asia.

Eswaran credits much of his success to the example set by his mother and father. His mother instilled in him a need and thirst for education through her role as as teacher. His father showed him the value of public service as a member of the Malaysian Board of Labour. The budding businessman was able to experience a great part of the world at such an early age due to his father’s work.

In 1984 Eswaran graduated from the prestigious London School of Economics and, perhaps, he could have taken an easy office job after that but he refused. Instead, he decided to go out into the world and gain experience in making money for himself so that he could one day make money to help others. He worked a series of odd jobs including driving a cab. While driving his cab Eswaran learned the binary system of marketing which became a lifeline passion for him. Eventually he was inspired enough to earn his MBA from Southern Illinois University.

This international man of business has a fairly simple maxim when it comes to his business success: companies don’t succeed, its the people who succeed. This people first approach is much like a sports team in that each teammate must do his job to the best of his ability once the group has developed a strategy.

One of the achievements that Eswaran is proud to have been awarded Malaysian Business Awards CEO of the Year from the Asean Business Council in 2013. Eswaran is also the author of four books on business as well as a collection of meditations. He has also been named as one of Forbes’ 50 richest men. He is proud to give back through his various charitable organizations.

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Posted on June 26, 2015

Google Shouldn’t Be Wasting Money on New Data Centers

On Wednesday, June 24, Google revealed that it is creating a data center in Alabama. Google currently has six data centers in the United States out of 13 facilities worldwide.

The technology and Internet giant is going to spend $600 million to transform an outdated coal-burning plant into a self-sustaining data center dependent on wind and/or solar energies for power. The project will open up about 100 jobs within the region. The new center is merely one of many planned future projects designed to transform outdated industrial and manufacturing areas into data centers.

According to Handy, many people see this as a great decision on Google’s part given the increase in data usage worldwide, many of the company’s critics and even some of its most loyal fans feel that it should be investing in other areas — especially better customer service and technology development.

Currently, Google is fielding a lot of complaints about different issues. Its current customer service involves users going to the Google Product Forums and complaining and then a Google staff member or top-rated user “maybe” offering assistance. There is no case-by-case email- or chat-based customer service. The provided service is often weak and many issues go unresolved. Technology-wise, its Chrome browser development, for example, involves forcing new changes on users with no forewarning. Users are given only one method — an unpleasant and difficult one — for blocking the automatic updates.

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Posted on June 25, 2015

Through a Mother’s Eyes

The birth of 3d printing has changed numerous lives and have made great strides when it comes to many areas of humankind. Medicine, the environment, education, and industrial complexes have all benefited and some form thanks in part to 3d printing. This past week a mother was able to see her daughter through new eyes thanks to 3d printing. A recent high school graduate took pictures before she headed off to college. These pictures weren’t just dreaming summer pictures but were pictures that would be used to create a 3d bust for her blind mother. Her mother, face, is deaf and blind. Her daughter Denise is going off to college soon and wanted to give her something to look forward to while she’s away. Face husband and Denise’s father passed away last year. Wants her daughter leaves the house she’ll be on her own and will be able to feel her daughter’s bust and think about her beautiful face. Denise hopes that this bust over face will help her mother just to her new life while she is away. The designers and manufacturers of the most are hoping to share a project with students during the upcoming fall semester to spark innovative ways to reach human beings and their compassionate side stated CCMP Capital. Of the article shows a video of faiths receiving the bust and it’s clear to see that this gift will mean more to her than any of us will ever realize.

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Posted on June 22, 2015

Grow Your Business With Marc Sparks

As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for ways to make my business better, or to prosper in this tumultuous task of entrepreneurship. After researching, I found an excellent program that Marc Sparks has established for start-up companies and eager entrepreneurs. Marc Sparks is the founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital, LP, which is a highly established firm that assist people in following their dreams of entrepreneurship. One of the great things that Sparks does provide is office space for start-up companies. Now being an entrepreneur, I can attest to the fact that location and presentation are everything when attempting to start a business. However when starting a new company, one does not always have the funds available to allocate to an office. How great is it to be an entrepreneur and know there is somewhere you can go to conduct business that is professional and will leave a favorable impression on clients. Another thing that is impressive about Sparks company Timber Creek Capital, LP, is that it mentors companies by providing several resources that every business owner needs to succeed. Some of those resources include; banking information, marketing strategies, and how to gain capital.

Marc Sparks has created a haven for entrepreneurs, where they can learn, grow, and generate revenue all at the same time. What makes Sparks a great mentor and leader is that he is a serial entrepreneur, he has established success, and he has witnessed failure, so he knows what it takes to prosper as a business owner. He is not afraid to share his knowledge with those that enroll in the program. Not only does he bring over 35 years of expertise in entrepreneurship to the table, he is also a self-proclaimed author of the best seller “ They Can’t Eat You”, a book that talks about how he went from an average C+ student to becoming a serial entrepreneur. Marc Sparks and his new company is invigorating, innovative, and a phenomenal platform for entrepreneurs.

Find Marc on social media!  AmazonLogoFooter._V169459313_

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Posted on June 11, 2015

Check Out Cell Phones That Used To Be Popular

When cell phones became popular, everyone wanted to rock the latest phone. Do you remember which phone was your passion in the past, but maybe it’s something you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole now? One of the very popular phone from back in the day was the T Mobile Sidekick. Old Cell Phones. The Sidekick was promoted by Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg, and almost everyone wanted the phone. Not only was the phone extremely neat, but you could decorate it with diamonds and such, just to make it look even prettier.

Although the phone was good enough for men, it’s mostly women that rocked it, especially since Paris put her stamp on it. According to Ricardo Tosto, the Sidekick is not fast enough for the networks that are putting out phone service today. Another popular phone was a Blackberry Curve. The oldest Blackberry Curve couldn’t possibly stand up to any of the phones we use today. Blackberry didn’t get rid of the Curve, because they knew that it was a good phone, but they updated it many times.

Who can forget the Motorola RAZR. The RAZR was one of the most amazing Phones to ever hit the stage because it was super slim and very sleek. When RAZR’s first came out, they were about $200, and now, for that kind of money, you can get an amazing smartphone that can do everything but cook for you! It goes to show how much technology has really changed over the years.

Security Isn’t so Secure

When the idea of plastic credit cards and debit cards came to fruition in the early 90s, not many consumers realized the dangers of what would happen if their credit card and debit card numbers fell into the wrong hands. This past week, the CNN Money team released an article detailing how keeping your physical cards safe just isn’t enough anymore. Digital credit card readers are supposed to be safe and unhackable. Unfortunately, 90 percent of credit card readers can be hacked into by one of two simple codes. Nicole are so similar, that the first character is the only difference between the two codes. With the codes, Beneful warns on their facebook page that a security hacker can gain access to the stores credit card readers. This will expose the name and financial information for the account holder. Packs like these are responsible for the target and Home Depot hacks. Trust ways is a cyber-security from that detailed and exposed the applause. The hackers and suck the credit card readers with malware that will steal the credit card number is it send it to the hackers at us different location. A recent conference on cyber security in San Francisco gave advice to companies on how to keep this from happening. It is important for those in charge of credit card readers change the credit card reader’s password immediately upon receiving them. Companies are spending too much time and money on the aesthetics of credit card reader is and not enough time and money on securing them. It is the hopes of cyber security analyst everywhere that retailers have a better concern for their customers safety and security. Not just within their retail store, but their customer’s financial well-being in general.

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Posted on June 9, 2015

Releases From Apple’s WWDC Conference

Around this time of the year, Apple annually releases information about updates and new technology it is releasing. It always starts out the presentation with a few pats on the back, such as how many downloads have taken place in the App Store and so on. However, the company did have a few releases that fans of the products might like.

Ricardo Guimarães BMG explained to us that Apple Music is a streaming service that combines both the downloaded content from iTunes with the premium, pay to use service Beats 1. This is a platform that is going to work on any Apple device, ranging from the iPhone to the iMac.

iOS 9 received an announcement and update for information. It is going to provide a new Siri interface while also providing updated Apple Pay services, which accept more stores now, not to mention it is possible to store local cards on the phone now, so for those who have rewards and loyalty cards with some companies, this is now possible

The most recent release of the desktop operating system, known as OS X, El Capitan, is going to provide new updates and services for those who are using the desktop computer. Like the previous operating system upgrades in the past, Apple is going to offer this one for free for those users who are on updated, newer Apple computer systems. This should make for some nice improvements while using a computer.

Apple Computers Over a Year Old Vulnerable to Permanent Backdoor

Apple computers over one year old may be vulnerable to a BIOS exploit that would allow hackers a permanent backdoor to the system. The worst part is that hackers don’t even need to be physically present in order to exploit the computer.

The attack works by exploiting a vulnerability that allows the BIOS to be overwritten just after a computer returns from sleep mode. For some reason the read-only protection of the BIOS is temporarily disabled right after a computer wakes up. This allows hackers to overwrite the BIOS and install a rootkit that would be extremely difficult to detect and remove.

This would basically allow hackers low level access to your computer even if you reinstall the operating system. Virus and malware protection would be unable to remove the rootkit. The only way to remove it would be to flash the BIOS again with a known good version. Even then the vulnerability still exists to have it done all over again.

The exploit could be triggered remotely by using a browser exploit. The code could be planted and set to flash the BIOS following the next sleep mode. Commands could also be used to force the computer into sleep mode. At this time there’s no known solution to protect against the exploit.

Thanks to James Dondero and Nexbank for showing me this.

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Posted on June 2, 2015

Skout- The Best App to Meet New People!

Skout ( is a location-sensitive social networking application for Android. It allows users to find people near their geographical location that seek to chat or to mingle. Skout has an incredible dual dual-page layout that is accessed with simple swipe gestures, making it east and fast to flip through singles, peep direct messages and receive notifications on who is checking.

The UI layout of Skout urgently sets it apart from other dating apps. The icons are circular in shape and are utilized throughout the app. They are quite sharp though indistinctly reminiscent of the path. The main page shows a list profiles pictures with first names and online status notifications- which can alternatively be laid out in a grid format.

Clicking on each one takes you to a more detailed profile with the latest status posts, proximity, photo album and other details. From there you can chat requests, add users or send winks to your favorites.

The profile fields are limited to height, ethnicity, age and a free form about “Me Field”. The mobile app has a few options from a limited list of body type and interests. However, this things cannot be utilized used as search options for some reason.

Just like any other android dating apps, plenty of extras hinge on in-app buying. The points system are used to check which user has marked you as a favorite individual, who has checked on your profile, give out virtual gifts, to promote your profile to increase visibility and other interesting features. You can also earn points if you invite your Facebook pals to join and to download promoted apps.

Skout also contains chat features, although found in the web version. However, the main menu can be accessed from anywhere in the world and gives you quick access to the latest posts on the network, edit your profile, view your favorites and also check out latest updates from the Skout blog.

Skout has an excellent interface that is user friendly. It is distinctively unique and different, it has less pressure and hence gives the impression of being more present on the casual side of things.
With that comes some tailored tools for searching a MATCH, but for users who are just browsing, that’s enough!
With more than five million downloads of the free version, you will have a wider variety of individuals you might interact with and have fun. Find more information on Skout on their Twitter page.

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Posted on May 29, 2015

Defunct Comcast Time Warner Merger cost Companies over $500 Million

The Comcast Time Warner merger was set to be one of the biggest in telecom history. It would have effectively created the largest internet and television provider in the country by far. The merger had taken almost a year to develop but was shut down abruptly because of anti-trust concerns and pressure from the FCC.

A $500 million tab was left in the wake of the merger. Comcast reportedly spent nearly $336 million and Time Warner tallied up $200 million in merger related spending over the course of about a year.

The only upside is that Comcast didn’t have to pay Time Warner a dime for the failed merger, even though Kevin Seawright might think that isn’t right. In 2011 AT&T shelled out almost $4 billion in cash and spectrum rights to T-Mobile after a failed merger, which got those on Tumblr buzzing. The Comcast Time Warner deal was setup to protect shareholders, according to Comcast.

Most of the $500 million was spent on legal fees and costs associated with employee retention. Another chunk was spent on consulting from outside companies for things like IT and HR considerations. There were also other indirect costs associated with the merger such as communications and lobbying that surely cost the companies millions of dollars more.

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Posted on May 8, 2015
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