Helane Morrison’s Tenacity in Pushing for Accountability in the Financial Sector

During the late 1920s, the United States of America suffered one of the worst financial crunches in its history. This affected the economy of the country for a long period of time. The primary factors that led to crippling the economy of the one of the world’s greatest nations is lack of political good will to fight financial heist in the United States. This was also contributed by sleazy people in banking corporations and personalities in the Stock Exchange market. The financial policies and regulations then didn’t give stiff sanctions for those who were involved in dubious transactions in the financial sector. The same events unfolded again before the eyes of the world during the 2007 financial meltdown that affected the economy of the United States and other countries around the world. A close scrutiny shows that the same factors that led to the recession in the late 1920s are the same that led to the meltdown.

The effect of the volatility of the market owing to the factors that led to the recession and the financial meltdown a few years ago eroded the public’s confidence in the financial sector in the United States. To streamline this sector, there was need to put in officers who had the tenacity, the zeal and the confidence to shake things up and clean the financial sector and restore the integrity of one of the pillars that hold the economy of the United States.

I believe Helane Morrison was the right person to come in and streamline the financial sector. Fearless and determined to change things, she has been unwavering in ensuring that the innocent investors in the stock exchange market are protected from greedy investment managers who might take advantage of unsuspecting first time investors. I strongly believe that her unyielding commitment at ensuring that corporations follow ethical standards and financial regulations was the much needed silver bullet at restoring sanity in this sector.

I strongly feel that her training as a journalism and law has equipped her with the requisite knowledge needed to manage the job at Securities and Exchange Commission Compliance. After law school, she was called to the bar and given license to practice in 1987. Her experience and commitment to justice for the people and the sovereignty of the people is much informed by her clerkship at the US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit and at the United States Supreme Court. While working for the SEC she came to learn of the injustices and corruption that had plagued the financial sector and the need to protect investors.

She is currently the Managing Director, General Counsel and the Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She received her degree in Journalism from Northwestern University and her J.D from the University of California at Berkeley School of Law.

Learn more on Helane Morrison‘s profile on LinkedIn.

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Posted on May 4, 2016

Bernardo Chua Expands Operations of Organo Gold into Turkey

Organo Gold was founded in 2008, and its headquarters are in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is a gourmet coffee company that operates in all parts of the world. The company sells certified organic Ganoderma Lucidium through a diverse variety of teas, personal care products, coffee and nutraceuticals. It has its independent distributor network that has the responsibility of selling its products. It sells through Coffee Connoisseur Club in Canada and the United States. Currently, Organo Gold operates in more than 35 countries, and it is a private company.

Expanding its operations

Bernardo Chua is the founder of Organo Gold and its chief executive officer. The company has recently opened another branch in Turkey, and it marks the 39th country that Bernardo has supervised operations openings in the global coffee company. The C.E.O said that the opening of this office marked a significant operational achievement for the company. The move helps the coffee company to serve their clients and distributors all over the dynamic region.

The measure was a natural one because Turkey is well-known for opening a coffee house during the 15th century; for the first time. Since the beverage is well established in the culture of Turkey, the appetite for quality coffee continues to flourish. Organo Gold is in a better position to supply the savvy and health products that Turkey so much looks forward to with lots of enthusiasm. The C.E.O promised to serve customers in Turkey who want to make Organo Gold a part of their lifestyles.

Organo Gold derives its health benefits from Ganoderma, which is a mushroom. The mushroom is popular in Chinese medicine, and it is a highly ranked herb. A well-known doctor in Chinese said that taking Ganoderma for a long time builds strong and healthy bodies and it also assures people of a long life. The C.E.O appointed Paul Jarvis to manage operations of the company in Turkey.

Bernardo Chua is the chief executive officer of Organo Gold, as Wikipedia lists. He is from the Philippines and has been in multi-level marketing for many years. He was an administrator with Gano Excel in the Philippines before later moving to Hong Kong and Canada and finally to U.S.

Chua received a gold medal award for the Napoleon Hill Foundation. He has brought success to the company including making it a multi-level marketing company in the industry. LinkedIn shows that Chua has played a significant role in the success of Organo Gold as a network marketing company.

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Posted on April 29, 2016

Kevin Seawright Oversees Inner City Youth Employment Project

The city of Newark is finding ways to relieve youth summer unemployment. The project, spearheaded by Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) CFO Kevin Seawright, is providing six weeks of paid work experience to students. The program is expected to provide on-the-job training that will in turn empower students in their overall skills and college readiness.

According to Seawright, last year’s program was a success and over 3,000 applicants were placed in jobs. This year, the goal is to place 3,500. “I am pleased that so many students were able to get work and hope we can duplicate it this year,” says Seawright. Santander Bank and TD Bank is also joining forces with CEDC so that students can learn more about opening accounts and saving money. “These are things skills that students need to possess when going out into the workplace,” says Seawright on his Twitter.

Seawright says he and the CEDC are grateful to be associated with such a program. All of the tools provided will provide students with life-long lessons. The six-week program will from July 6 – August 16th. All students will receive minimum wage for their efforts.

Seawright has had plenty of experience working with inner-city youth and finances. Before he was named CFO of the CEDC, he worked for state and federal agencies within the city of Baltimore. While growing up in Philadelphia as a youth, he started his own non-profit to help citizens vote. During his tenure at CEDC, he has been instrumental in bringing jobs back to the community. The CEDC has also supplied funds for individuals looking to start small businesses.

Kevin Seawright has won a number of awards for excellence. He currently sits on a number of local boards including the Boy’s and Girl’s Club, The Society of Black Accountants and the Collington Lifecare Community.  NJBiz.com outlines how Seawright got the gig with the NCEDC, and why he means so much to Newark’s economic evolution.

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Posted on April 28, 2016

Charles Koch’s Turn To a Democratic Side

Conservative billionaire, Charles Koch, had been known to side with the Republican Party. The support given to GOP often involved large donations. But, during a recent ABC News interview, Koch stated that Hillary Clinton could be preferable to a Republican candidate.

As an example, Charles Koch compared Bill Clinton’s and George W. Bush’s administrations in terms of spending. The rise in government spending under Bush was more than twice than that under Clinton. Meanwhile, Koch failed to mention spending under Barack Obama.

Is it about spending or is it all about Donald Trump? It is well-known that the Republican establishment doesn’t like Trump. Even if Trump wins the most delegates, as long as it’s not the outright majority, he may not be nominated. Now, Kasich and Cruz are teaming against this outspoken and controversial real estate billionaire

Charles Koch, currently 80 years old, is a businessman and philanthropist. He runs Koch industries together with his brother, David Koch. They both own more than 40% of this conglomerate, which specializes in manufacturing, refining, and distribution of petroleum.

Additionally, the company produces and trades chemicals, fertilizers, polymers, and other items. Commodity trading is another area of its activities. Koch Industries rakes in more than 100 billion in annual revenues.

The company is recognized as a second largest privately held company in the United States. It was founded back in 1940. Among its co-founders was Fred C. Koch, father of Charles and David Koch.

On the philanthropic side, the Koch brothers support charities and cultural organizations as well as libertarian groups.

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Posted on April 25, 2016

Helane Morrison And Changes In Compliance Officer Role

I like to stay up to date on current news that concerns my career path, and I recently found an article that serves this purpose. The article is from the Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal has a blog that often includes compelling articles that I highly recommend to other interested parties. Their articles are typically well written, interesting to read, and they often have insightful opinions that are introduced within their articles. Their blog post on the changes in compliance officer roles was especially interesting to me because I am following the career of a compliance officer. I like to stay up to date on what types of changes I should anticipate in this line of work. Here is the article from the Wall Street Journal.

A Case Study: Helane Morrison

Every so often it helps me to understand what previous compliance officers have went through to get where they are now. I am an avid follower of one of America’s leading compliance officers, Helane Morrison. She has shaped my career with her insightful thoughts, speeches and actions. Throughout her career she has made dynamic choices that have inspired others, and she is always working to make the world a better place as a compliance officer and in other roles. Helane has been working with her current partners, Hall Capital Partners LLC, for nearly a decade. At Hall Capital Partners LLC, Helane Morrison serves as Chief Compliance Officer for the company. She also serves the company as their Managing Director and General Counsel.

Helane Morrison has done a number of other incredible things in her lifetime. She worked with the Supreme Court Justice when she left law school. She left the University of California Berkeley School Of Law to work as a law clerk in the US Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court Justice that she ended up assisting was Harry Blackmun. Justice Blackmun was a man who served the courts to help people find justice when they were taken advantage of by institutions. Helane Morrison was directly affected by this experience. She continued her career in this same way, and she still works for the betterment of the people in today’s world. She often speaks on topics of litigation, financial issues and compliance issues. I highly recommend looking at this page from Hall Capital Partners LLC about Helane.

Get Your Wiki Professional Wikipedia Writing Service Is Home To Great Writing And Editing

Online advertising does not have to be costly. There are venues that are willing to run content seemingly forever and with no fees. Wikipedia may be an online encyclopedia, but not all the purposes for publishing material on the site are strictly for educational value. A business can get its name out and reveal details about history, management, products, and services. Just write content and submit. Or better yet, have a writing service do the job.

Wikipedia’s writing and editing platform is not overly complicated, but a little experience is necessary in order to utilize it effectively. The Observer.com does point out something that could be inconvenient for a business relying on getting the proper message out. Half a million edits are made on Wikipedia every single day. Wikipedia is a community. Any member of the community can make edits to any page. A business is going to become very annoyed when improper edits and additions are made. Relying on a Wikipedia writing service to manage the page cuts down on a lot of frustration.

There are writing guidelines for businesses established by Wikipedia. Knowing these guidelines thoroughly helps cut down on edits made to the page based on violations. A top Wikipedia writing service is not going to make terms of service violations because the professionals working for the service know what is acceptable and what is not.

The professional Wiki writers from the service also know how to integrate sources correctly. Articles, interviews, and videos related to the business can be mentioned and when making a Wikipedia page. Again, there is a correct way to do this. Following the correct path avoids hack edits being made to the page.

A solid writing service is also provides monitoring services for clients. That means the Wikipedia page will be checked periodically to ensure any changes and edits to the page do not undermine the client’s goals. Clients would have a really hard time staying on top of the page on their own. Outsourcing such work is easier and, honestly, the work done by professionals is going to be more thorough.

Get Your Wiki is one very well-known Wikipedia writing service. Business owners seeking out quality writers and editors might find Get Your Wiki to be the company to call for such service providers. A lot of work is taken off the shoulders of a business’ owner and delegated to those best able to handle the tasks.

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Posted on January 14, 2016

Homejoy Completes Bankruptcy Filing In Midst of Employee Reclassification Mess

Homejoy Inc, known to many as the company that featured David Hasselhoff in its commercial, completed their Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing this week in San Jose. The house cleaning and home repairs company wrote a blog post back in July stating that they would be forced to close down, but it was not until now that is was official.

According to Homejoy in the blog post, the company was closing due to many unresolved issues that face those offering home services online. The blog post went on to say that there were some revenue challenges that the company was not able to get past. They were previously offering customers $25 per hour house cleaning services and were working on extending their offerings to include carpet cleaning and home repairs. When they closed they were serving five countries.

The company was founded in 2013 by siblings Aaron Cheung and Adora Cheung. The aim of the company was to give clients a central place to book their repair and home cleaning services. One of the founders also stated that they were closing due to the presence of worker classification lawsuits. This is one thing that has been affecting many startup companies as contractors are looking for classifications that would turn them into employees which would drastically increase labor costs for the startups.

Despite this issue, main competitor and current champion of the home repair and cleaning service market, Handy Inc, is doing just fine. It may be due to the fact that Oisin Hanrahan is embracing the development of the contractor employer instead of fighting it. He stated in one interview that he would love to see the government create a position in between employee and contractor to help address the new on demand online community of workers.

Handy is an online platform that matches clients with contractors that provide top of the line highly reviewed house cleaning and repair services. The aim of the company is to match customers with great service saving them the time and hassle of research and poor experiences. Handy is highly selective with contractors it chooses to allow access to the platform which has led to a high success rate.

Read the full article here.

Status Labs; the Ideal Online Security

John R. could not help but get startled by his message’s subject line that declared: “YOU GOT BUSTED” the moment he opened up his Yahoo mail. The mid-aged man who works in science field and did not want all his names published for professional and personal reasons, clicked the bait and got this message, “Unfortunately your data got leaked in a recent hacking of A. Madison and I now have all your information.” The hacker continued saying of how he found his Facebook page using his user profile, and he would now start reading up his messages.

The poorly spelled message later went on to demand an approximately $500 which were to be paid in 3 days. Failure to meet the demands, the hacker threatened of exposing John’s Ashley Madison membership to his friends and family.

Such kind of mails have popped up in inboxes of over 37 million users of Ashley Madison whose privacy got breached following a high-profile hack. The Ashley Madison is infamous for offering unfaithful spouses a space to get illicit trysts. Software security expert, Johannes Ullrich believes they are much unlikely to be a part of the hacking group that shook Ashley Madison.

John deleted his Madison account after deciding to make up things with his wife. When hackers threatened the reconciliation progress, Status Labs reassured him by advising him not to make any kind of transaction and to make his Facebook’s list of friends private. The President of Status Labs online reputation firm added that switching the privacy setting is very simple, but it is prudent to keep in mind that these crooks, like spammers and scammers, are playing number games and if they receive payment from one or two people, then it would be a big payday to them.

Status Labs is a reputation management organization that operates online. It enables clients to engage audiences effectively with content that is compelling to drive up participation and sales. The firm offers some of the most creative solutions that are tailored to meet unique needs of any client.

Status Labs have their headquarters in Sao Paulo and New York. Its image management has more than 1500 customers in over 35 countries.

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Posted on November 9, 2015

The Importance of Literature, and Jaime Garcia Dias

In a world that burns greedily in the fires of personal ambition, in a world that from the top-down tells us what we should and shouldn’t want, like, and need, literary voices are all the more integral.

Literature is a means of telling the truth in the guise of a story. The best literature endures; and the reason it endures is because it has something to say. Literature that has something to say affects those who read it deeply; and could even contribute to a substantial shift in paradigm. Such paradigm shifts fundamentally change society from the inside out, and they are best facilitated in the written word. Jaime Garcia Dias is a voice from Brazil, and his prolific style of writing has been influencing people in just such a way for thirty years, largely because of the presence of his WordPress blog.

Jaime Garcia Dias has humble roots and his resume echoes that history. He was born to a writer and an architect. Both of his parents were exceptionally intellectual, and this probably had a lot to do with Dias’ drive to write even at a very young age. Fifteen years old saw Dias embarking on his first literary novel. Inspired by the same sort of works that played muse to his father, Dias eventually started on a career in literature; studying at a prominent university in Rio de Janeiro before becoming a professor at a literary academy in his mid-twenties. By thirty, Dias had published ten different novels, and for this reason was a recipient of the White Crane Award. The White Crane Award is given to upcoming literary voices in the Brazilian scene, and for all intents and purposes, this served as another launching point in Dias’ career. By thirty he became vice president of the same literary academy he’d been teaching at, and as of 2015 he works in a capacity as president of that institution.

Dias is forty-five years old and has twenty different novels under his belt, in addition to a popular Twitter presence to boot. He writes continuously, and his most recent work is an exploration of childhood and his relationship to his father. It is told in a series of episodic essays which were originally published as articles in a prominent Rio de Janeiro newspaper.

It makes sense such a man as Dias would come out of Rio de Janeiro. Rio is a culturally, economically, environmentally diverse locale with many things from which to draw inspiration. Dias has done exactly this thing, and for all intents and purposes will continue to do as much as time goes by.

It takes a lot of hard work and time to become a writer, but it is worthwhile. Literature affects people deeply, and the bastions of it should be upheld. That’s just one of many reasons Jaime Garcia Dias is worth a read.

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Posted on November 6, 2015

Darius Fisher Quick Tips for Internet Privacy

Darius Fisher is the CEO of the company Status Labs. Status Labs is a company that focuses on the management of online reputations for both individuals and companies. As we move increasingly toward the digital age it will become almost a mandatory job to keep a close eye on how you and your company is represented on the internet. In this way many people will have to start really controlling their reputation. Darius Fisher points out that the best way to keep your reputation clean, and your privacy kept safe, is to reduce your digital footprint. Unfortunately many of us need to use the internet for several different reasons. That is where these tips from Mr. Fisher come into play.

Lock down your social media profiles.
Social media is not just for socializing anymore. Now we have to use websites like Facebook or Instagram in order just to stay in touch with people for networking and for potential work in the future. As such we have to always keep our profiles up to date and looking good. What many people don’t realize, however, is that every time the terms and conditions of a social media website update you will see your privacy settings kicked back to ‘default mode’. So always make sure that you double check your privacy settings and keep them ticked over to the maximum settings every once in awhile. This will keep your profile as locked down as possible, preventing the easiest cause of info leaks.

Use search engines on yourself.
To know what people can find on you, take a moment to search your name or company on a search engine. Try several different search engines in order to get a feeling for what content is out there and dominating the search results. If you don’t like what you see then you should consider two options. The first option is to go to the websites with your info listed and request that they take the info off. The second option is to hire a company like Status Labs in order to help bury those search results.

You should keep out a special eye for certain info curating websites like ‘Pipl’ or ‘WhitePages’ as they are particularly bad about collecting data on people without their knowledge. You can always request that your info be removed from their database if you end up finding your profile on their page.

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Posted on November 4, 2015
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