Defunct Comcast Time Warner Merger cost Companies over $500 Million

The Comcast Time Warner merger was set to be one of the biggest in telecom history. It would have effectively created the largest internet and television provider in the country by far. The merger had taken almost a year to develop but was shut down abruptly because of anti-trust concerns and pressure from the FCC.

A $500 million tab was left in the wake of the merger. Comcast reportedly spent nearly $336 million and Time Warner tallied up $200 million in merger related spending over the course of about a year.

The only upside is that Comcast didn’t have to pay Time Warner a dime for the failed merger, even though Kevin Seawright might think that isn’t right. In 2011 AT&T shelled out almost $4 billion in cash and spectrum rights to T-Mobile after a failed merger, which got those on Tumblr buzzing. The Comcast Time Warner deal was setup to protect shareholders, according to Comcast.

Most of the $500 million was spent on legal fees and costs associated with employee retention. Another chunk was spent on consulting from outside companies for things like IT and HR considerations. There were also other indirect costs associated with the merger such as communications and lobbying that surely cost the companies millions of dollars more.

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Posted on May 8, 2015

A Game Lover’s Dream

Early in May, millions of dreams for men, women, and children came to fruition thanks to a collaborated effort with Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts. Nintendo, which is based in Kyoto, Japan and Universal Parks & Resorts out of Orlando, Florida have agreed to design and build a Nintendo based theme park. The two staples of entertainment have brought innovative and powerful stories and characters in their own rights. With the combination of both, the two worlds that many have come to enjoy for decades will be combined into a package that can only be dreamed of. Universal Parks & Resorts pioneered the interactive resort genre and imaginative vacation spot. Millions flock to their parks every year to get a glimpse into the Universal world.


The company has taken the biggest movies and television shows in its roster: Transformers, The Simpsons, Harry Potter, Despicable Me, Spider-Man and others and made them into interactive rides and experiences for fans to enjoy. It’s something Matt Landis enjoys quite a bit. Nintendo, which was launched in 1983, has put a permanent mark on the video game industry. They’ve sold over 689 million gaming units and over 4.3 billion video games. The characters in these games have become a part of the American culture. Bringing these two worlds together to create an adaptive and interactive universe for visitors is long overdue. There hasn’t been a specific date set for the companies to announce the parks opening. They will, however, meet for the next few months to secure plans and contracts.

Scientists Use A Smartphone App To Detect Wriggling Parasites In Blood Samples

A team of researchers, from the University of California and the US institutes of Health, have successfully detected the presence of wriggling parasites in the human body using a mobile app. The scientists used the mobile app to scan for the parasites in some blood samples.

The samples were taken from a group of people in Cameroon, who were suffering from tropical disease. Prof. Daniel Fletcher, one of the researchers, said that the device was able to capture the image and analyze it with just one touch of the screen.

The app can do more than detect the parasites bothering Dr Jennifer Walden and others. It can also indicate their number and make suggestions on possible treatments. It only requires a pindrop of the blood for a successful scan. The only thing the app isn’t able to do yet, is to show the shapes of the parasites.

The researchers are hoping to eradicate river blindness and elephantiasis. To achieve this requires screening of the patients first, to determine whether they are going to have fatal reactions to the drug treatments.

Prof. Fletcher is excited at the chances the technology presents. There are drugs that can be able to treat tropical diseases but the problem has always been the lack of ways to detect the patients to benefit from the right drugs. After the first test was successful, the researchers are now planning to test 40,000 more people in Cameroon.

Centimeter-Accurate GPS

Cockrell School of Engineering researchers have developed a new centimeter-accurate GPS. This innovative technology will allow for unmanned drone flight, and fresh VR applications. “Imagine games where, rather than sit in front of a monitor and play, you are in your backyard actually running around with other players,” said Todd Humphreys, assistant professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering. Igor Cornelsen is excited to learn that the location error size has been reduced from the size of a large car, to something the size of a nickel. Making it possible to easily create a globally referenced 3-D map of the immediate area. While the technology has long been used in geological survey work, centimeter-accurate GPS is only now affordably available. Once installed the centimeter-accurate GPS will allow for better car to car communication resulting in fewer accidents. Humphreys said, “If your car knows in real time the precise position and velocity of an approaching car that is blocked from view by other traffic, your car can plan ahead to avoid a collision.”

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Posted on May 6, 2015

Microsoft Sets Windows 10 Goal at One Billion Devices

One concept is pretty obvious for any technology user—the industry is fragmented among three major players. Between iOS, Android, and Windows applications and programs are not always offered from one platform to another. However, the folks at Microsoft are aiming to make transitioning from one environment to another a relatively simple task by developing a tool that allows developers to easily transfer a program from one language to another.

According to FastCompany, Microsoft wants to have one billion devices running Windows 10 within three years. This unheard of goal is going to require a lot of the current Windows 7 and 8 users taking advantage of the free upgrade, but it is also going to need Windows Phone 10 to make a serious impact. Since apps are usually the selling point of a smartphone, Windows is lagging at about half the more than one million available programs for Android and iOS. The cross platform tool is the solution as far as Microsoft is concerned, because developers will be able to make one app fit all three platforms with little effort.

Igor Cornelsen suggested that the goal might seem ridiculous and bordering on the impossible, but the new tool could pave the way for the goal to be a reality. By making Windows 10 the go-to software for development, users will start to turn to those devices. While the results are still years away from being know, this strategy looks extremely good for the folks at Microsoft.

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Posted on April 30, 2015

Skout Breaking Online Dating Barriers

When it comes to dating in the modern world, online dating rules the hearts and minds of youngsters and adults alike. Skout is one such dating app which was founded in 2007 and has changed the online dating scene greatly. A lot of people might be unaware but matching people according to their locations was started by Skout. GPS is used by the app so that users living in the same area are matched with each other. This not only makes online dating a breeze, it is also helpful when these users want to meet up later after striking a rapport online. Of course, the exact location of the user is not revealed by the app.

The biggest barrier in online dating has been the distance. Long distance relationships can be tedious but the internet has helped to make the world a fast shrinking place. While Skout has made life easier for online daters situated locally, it has also focused on friendships and relationships unlike all the other dating apps out there. The travel feature of the app – which is a premium and paid service – allows users to meet and locate each other when they travel abroad to different places. This means that a user in UK could end up meeting something in the US if they ever visited the country.

Anonymous chatting is something that not a lot of people enjoy because after flirting anonymously for some time, one needs to know more about the other person. Others love anonymous chatting for its safety. Skout has successfully managed to strike a balance between these two extremes. The “Shake to Chat” feature of the app allows random users to be paired with each other. Users can start to chat to their heart’s content for about 40 seconds – which is pretty huge in terms of online dating – and then the anonymity lifts. The users can, thus, choose whether they want to chat off-anon with the other person. This makes things safer and allows people to exercise discretion when they are chatting with someone online.

Skout is not just a fun dating app, it is also relatively safer than other apps. All dating apps have had their share of mishaps but Skout is the only one that constantly strives to improve and make dating safer for all its users. Recently, Skout also took a stand against cliched bathroom pictures – users taking semi-naked selfies in their bathtubs.

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Posted on March 16, 2015

Dr. Rod Rohrich Plastic Surgeon From Dallas

Doctors can do many amazing things. The field of medicine has been vastly expanded in recent decades, providing patients with the results they want and doctors with the ability to help them get there. Thanks to research efforts and hard work, many doctors can now offer their patients a vast and impressive range of services. Those who want to be able to carry a baby to term, get a lung condition treated, recover from an infection more quickly or simply look and feel better will find the opportunity to do so by working with present day doctors. Many patients are pleased to discover just how much better they can get from working with a skilled and high trained medical practitioner.

One of the most rapidly developing field of medicine is that of plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons can now accomplish amazing things. A thoughtful and well trained plastic surgeon can work with a patient of any age and help them look better, feel younger and function better each day. Patients who may have once despaired of being able to get the kind of help they need such as burn victims or those who have otherwise hard to treat conditions are often delighted to find out just far modern medicine has come and what it can offer for them.

One of the pioneers in this field is Dr. Rod Rohrich. Dr.  Rod Rohrich is a highly trained plastic surgeon who has spend decades studying this field. Under his careful supervision, the field of plastics has moved forward. His efforts have led to all kinds of improvements in the field of plastic surgery including improved facial repair techniques, patient safety initiatives and various methods of using skin fillers that have been proven to be safe and effective for long term use and much better patient results.

Dr. Rod Rohrich has been actively involved in all aspects of plastic surgery for many years. During this time, he has spent hours supervising other plastic surgeons and teaching them what he has learned. He has also written many medical journal articles to help share his results with others and showcase the new techniques that he has developed in order to help provide better patient care for those who seek his skills. His hard work and dedication to his craft have led to many advances in the field and a much greater understanding of the world of plastics.

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Posted on March 13, 2015

BBC Plans To Give Away Free Computers

The BBC plans to give some lucky 11 year olds their own mini computer. The computers are being given out as part of the network’s “Make It Digital” campaign. Students will be given a Micro Bit computer, which is comparable to the popular Raspberry Pi PC. In addition to passing out the computers, the network plans to launch a season of coding-based programs to encourage and inspire children to learn how to code.

Currently there’s a bit of a shortage of “digital professionals” in the UK. The hope with the program is the young children will be inspired to explore technology and to learn about coding, ultimately building the UK’s potential digital workforce in the future, and thereby seeing digital entrepreneurs flocking to the nation.

For the program, the UK is partnering with a number of dig companies and organizations including Code Club, TeenTech, Young Rewired State, Google and Microsoft. The Micro Bit is still in a prototype stage, but when the tiny computer launches later this year it will be capable of coding Python, C++ and Touch Develop. The final version of the computer will also have the ability to be connected to other devices such as the Raspberry Pi.

Microsoft Founder Discovers Sunken Battleship

Paul Allen, co-founder (with Bill Gates) of software giant Microsoft, has discovered the wreck of one of the biggest battleships ever built and Jaime Garcia Dias thought it was pretty cool.

The Musashi was a Japanese battleship built in Word War II. Sister ship of the Yamato, it was over 800 feet in length and carried nine 18 inch guns as it main armament. It was sunk by US Navy aircraft in the battle of Leyte Gulf, off the coast of the Phillipines, in October 1944.

Mr Allen and his team of researchers used historical data from four countries and detailed topographical data to find the ship. An underwater remote vehicle launched from his yacht, the M/Y Octopus, found the wreckage deep in the Sibuyan Sea on March 1, 2015.

“Since my youth I have been fascinated with World War II history, inspired by my father’s service in the U.S. Army,” said Mr. Allen. “The Musashi is truly an engineering marvel and, as an engineer at heart, I have a deep appreciation for the technology and effort that went into its construction.”

Over a thousand Japanese sailors died in the sinking, and Mr Allen and his team will be working with the Japanese government to ensure that the site is treated with respect.

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Posted on March 4, 2015

Woman Sends $1 Mil to Man She Knows Online but Insists She is Not Being Catfished

The term “catfish” has made it into popular lexicon over the last few years. MTV even has a show about it called “Catfish”. Basically the term is used to describe a person who pretends to be someone else online in order to lure others in for whatever purpose. According to the story on, Dr. Phil recently sat down with a woman who insists she is not being catfished despite sending a large amount of money to someone she met online.

Sarah met Chris Olsen online about 18 months ago. The two began chatting and developed an online relationship. According to Sarah, Chris is based in Africa and is a single, widower father to two girls. Sarah herself has been divorced twice and feels as though she is in love with Chris. Throughout the time that they have been chatting, Sarah has sent Chris, a man she has never met, nearly $1 million from her inheritance.

When Sarah’s cousin Crystal heard about the situation she contacted Dr. Phil to help Sarah. Crystal is concerned that it is a scam and if Sarah continues on the way she is, she will have nothing left for herself. Sarah told Dr. Phil that she is 95% sure that Chris is who he said he is and that she is not being scammed.

I’m 95% sure that Chris is not who he says he is and that Sarah is being scammed and should really tune out of scammers and tune in on information from the people who know best, Susan McGalla for instance,  from sites that people can trust, Bubble News anyone?

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Posted on March 2, 2015
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