Skout Breaking Online Dating Barriers

When it comes to dating in the modern world, online dating rules the hearts and minds of youngsters and adults alike. Skout is one such dating app which was founded in 2007 and has changed the online dating scene greatly. A lot of people might be unaware but matching people according to their locations was started by Skout. GPS is used by the app so that users living in the same area are matched with each other. This not only makes online dating a breeze, it is also helpful when these users want to meet up later after striking a rapport online. Of course, the exact location of the user is not revealed by the app.

The biggest barrier in online dating has been the distance. Long distance relationships can be tedious but the internet has helped to make the world a fast shrinking place. While Skout has made life easier for online daters situated locally, it has also focused on friendships and relationships unlike all the other dating apps out there. The travel feature of the app – which is a premium and paid service – allows users to meet and locate each other when they travel abroad to different places. This means that a user in UK could end up meeting something in the US if they ever visited the country.

Anonymous chatting is something that not a lot of people enjoy because after flirting anonymously for some time, one needs to know more about the other person. Others love anonymous chatting for its safety. Skout has successfully managed to strike a balance between these two extremes. The “Shake to Chat” feature of the app allows random users to be paired with each other. Users can start to chat to their heart’s content for about 40 seconds – which is pretty huge in terms of online dating – and then the anonymity lifts. The users can, thus, choose whether they want to chat off-anon with the other person. This makes things safer and allows people to exercise discretion when they are chatting with someone online.

Skout is not just a fun dating app, it is also relatively safer than other apps. All dating apps have had their share of mishaps but Skout is the only one that constantly strives to improve and make dating safer for all its users. Recently, Skout also took a stand against cliched bathroom pictures – users taking semi-naked selfies in their bathtubs.

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Posted on March 16, 2015

Dr. Rod Rohrich Plastic Surgeon From Dallas

Doctors can do many amazing things. The field of medicine has been vastly expanded in recent decades, providing patients with the results they want and doctors with the ability to help them get there. Thanks to research efforts and hard work, many doctors can now offer their patients a vast and impressive range of services. Those who want to be able to carry a baby to term, get a lung condition treated, recover from an infection more quickly or simply look and feel better will find the opportunity to do so by working with present day doctors. Many patients are pleased to discover just how much better they can get from working with a skilled and high trained medical practitioner.

One of the most rapidly developing field of medicine is that of plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons can now accomplish amazing things. A thoughtful and well trained plastic surgeon can work with a patient of any age and help them look better, feel younger and function better each day. Patients who may have once despaired of being able to get the kind of help they need such as burn victims or those who have otherwise hard to treat conditions are often delighted to find out just far modern medicine has come and what it can offer for them.

One of the pioneers in this field is Dr. Rod Rohrich. Dr.  Rod Rohrich is a highly trained plastic surgeon who has spend decades studying this field. Under his careful supervision, the field of plastics has moved forward. His efforts have led to all kinds of improvements in the field of plastic surgery including improved facial repair techniques, patient safety initiatives and various methods of using skin fillers that have been proven to be safe and effective for long term use and much better patient results.

Dr. Rod Rohrich has been actively involved in all aspects of plastic surgery for many years. During this time, he has spent hours supervising other plastic surgeons and teaching them what he has learned. He has also written many medical journal articles to help share his results with others and showcase the new techniques that he has developed in order to help provide better patient care for those who seek his skills. His hard work and dedication to his craft have led to many advances in the field and a much greater understanding of the world of plastics.

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Posted on March 13, 2015

BBC Plans To Give Away Free Computers

The BBC plans to give some lucky 11 year olds their own mini computer. The computers are being given out as part of the network’s “Make It Digital” campaign. Students will be given a Micro Bit computer, which is comparable to the popular Raspberry Pi PC. In addition to passing out the computers, the network plans to launch a season of coding-based programs to encourage and inspire children to learn how to code.

Currently there’s a bit of a shortage of “digital professionals” in the UK. The hope with the program is the young children will be inspired to explore technology and to learn about coding, ultimately building the UK’s potential digital workforce in the future, and thereby seeing digital entrepreneurs flocking to the nation.

For the program, the UK is partnering with a number of dig companies and organizations including Code Club, TeenTech, Young Rewired State, Google and Microsoft. The Micro Bit is still in a prototype stage, but when the tiny computer launches later this year it will be capable of coding Python, C++ and Touch Develop. The final version of the computer will also have the ability to be connected to other devices such as the Raspberry Pi.

Microsoft Founder Discovers Sunken Battleship

Paul Allen, co-founder (with Bill Gates) of software giant Microsoft, has discovered the wreck of one of the biggest battleships ever built and Jaime Garcia Dias thought it was pretty cool.

The Musashi was a Japanese battleship built in Word War II. Sister ship of the Yamato, it was over 800 feet in length and carried nine 18 inch guns as it main armament. It was sunk by US Navy aircraft in the battle of Leyte Gulf, off the coast of the Phillipines, in October 1944.

Mr Allen and his team of researchers used historical data from four countries and detailed topographical data to find the ship. An underwater remote vehicle launched from his yacht, the M/Y Octopus, found the wreckage deep in the Sibuyan Sea on March 1, 2015.

“Since my youth I have been fascinated with World War II history, inspired by my father’s service in the U.S. Army,” said Mr. Allen. “The Musashi is truly an engineering marvel and, as an engineer at heart, I have a deep appreciation for the technology and effort that went into its construction.”

Over a thousand Japanese sailors died in the sinking, and Mr Allen and his team will be working with the Japanese government to ensure that the site is treated with respect.

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Posted on March 4, 2015

Woman Sends $1 Mil to Man She Knows Online but Insists She is Not Being Catfished

The term “catfish” has made it into popular lexicon over the last few years. MTV even has a show about it called “Catfish”. Basically the term is used to describe a person who pretends to be someone else online in order to lure others in for whatever purpose. According to the story on, Dr. Phil recently sat down with a woman who insists she is not being catfished despite sending a large amount of money to someone she met online.

Sarah met Chris Olsen online about 18 months ago. The two began chatting and developed an online relationship. According to Sarah, Chris is based in Africa and is a single, widower father to two girls. Sarah herself has been divorced twice and feels as though she is in love with Chris. Throughout the time that they have been chatting, Sarah has sent Chris, a man she has never met, nearly $1 million from her inheritance.

When Sarah’s cousin Crystal heard about the situation she contacted Dr. Phil to help Sarah. Crystal is concerned that it is a scam and if Sarah continues on the way she is, she will have nothing left for herself. Sarah told Dr. Phil that she is 95% sure that Chris is who he said he is and that she is not being scammed.

I’m 95% sure that Chris is not who he says he is and that Sarah is being scammed and should really tune out of scammers and tune in on information from the people who know best, Susan McGalla for instance,  from sites that people can trust, Bubble News anyone?

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Posted on March 2, 2015

A “Beneful” Brand For Your Dog

An Experience For Your Pup


About Beneful

If you have a pet or a dog, or even just a TV, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the brand name Beneful. This is a brand that’s been making a name for itself since 2001 as one of the most prominent brands of dog food on the market. It’s part of the Nestle Purina Petcare and includes a plethora of different types of food and treats that are completely scrumptious and desired by your pup! Because of their hard work and creativity, they’ve made themselves the fourth most popular dog food brand who brings in almost $2 million dollars in annual revenue, and that number only continues to grow. This alone has made Beneful one of the most significant brands that belong to Nestle Purina to date.

The Different Types of Beneful Food

Dry Dog Foods:
• Healthy Smile
• Healthy Weight
• Healthy Fiesta
• IncrediBites
• Healthy Growth For Puppies
• Original
• Healthy Radiance
• Playful Life
Beneful Prepared Meals
• Hearty Roasters Pork Recipe
• Chopped Blends with Beef
• Chopped Blends with Chicken
• Hearty Roasters Turkey Recipe
• Chopped Blends with Lamb
• Roasted Chicken Recipe
• Beef & chicken Medley
• Savory Rice & Lamb Stew
• Beef Stew
• Chicken Stew
• Simmered Beef Entrée
• Hearty Roasters Beef Recipe
• Simmered Chicken Medley
Beneful Canned Dog Food
• Mediterranean Style Medley
• Romana Style Medley
• Chopped Blends With Chicken
• Chopped Blends with Beef
• Tuscan Style Medley
• Chopped Blends with Salmon

Dog Snacks, Too!

  • Healthy Smile Ridges
    • Baked Delights Stars with Chicken & Cheese
    • Healthy Smile Twists
    • Baked Delights Snackers
    • Baked Delights Heartfuls
    • Baked Delights Stars With Bacon & Cheese
    • Baked Delights Hugs

Beneful’s Goal For You

The main goal of Beneful is to give your dog the best food that Purina can offer – which is why they have such a wide array of different products that are available, so they can reach out to the widest audience possible and have something that works for you and your pets! They know and understand that everyone has standards for their family – and that includes our pets. We as their owners want them to have the best care possible, and this is why Beneful creates the products that they do. Your dogs will be taken care of in the highest manner, and with Beneful’s healthy regimen, will be granted the best of health.

Bruce Levenson and his amazing success

There are individuals out there who inspire us with their success. These individuals reach beyond and create an amazing legacy that can last longer than a lifetime. Bruce Levenson is one of these individuals who can inspire us. He has created an amazing career for himself as a journalist and entrepreneur. The businesses he has started have been long standing and very influential in their fields. Not only is Bruce Levenson an amazing business man, but he is also a very well known and respected philanthropist as well. Bruce Levenson had to work hard for what he got, as nothing was handed to him easily.

Bruce Levenson earned his bachelors degree from Washington University. He then went on to get his start in journalism, which proved to be very lucrative for him in the years to come. While starting his journalism career at the Washington Star, Bruce Levenson decided to attend law school at night. This was a full schedule for Bruce, but he didn’t let this affect the quality of his work at The Washington Star, or at school. Bruce graduated from law school and went on to start what would be the company that made all the difference in his life.

United Communications Group is the company that has made the biggest impact in Bruce Levenson’s life. He has amassed a great fortune from this company, and has created a company that has made a large impact in the world of journalism. UCG started out with humble beginnings in Levenson’s apartment. The first product that UCG delivered was a detailed newsletter about the oil industry. UCG started acquiring other news letters and compiling them into their company. Today UCG is one of the premier privately owned companies for data and analysis in the healthcare, mortgage, telecommunication, and many other industries as well. UCG also owns Gas Buddy, and app that helps individuals find the cheapest gas prices in their area.

Bruce Levenson is also heavily involved with philanthropic endeavors. He is constantly advocating philanthropy and always finding new was to effectively donate his own time and money. Bruce Levenson has helped to create the center for philanthropy and non-profit management at the University of Maryland. This center was created with the hope that it would help educate the leaders of the next generation of non-profit organizations around the world. It is easy to see why Bruce Levenson is so well revered in the world of philanthropy.

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Posted on March 1, 2015

How BRL Trust Is Helping Brazil Move Forward

A big country needs a financial institution up to the demands of helping it make smart investments. So it seems only natural that Brazil’s best investment company, BRL Trust, is helping South America’s largest country move forward with investments that will help make the country a major financial player in the 21st century.

BRL Trust has come a long way since its start a decade ago. Then, it was a small firm offering private trust services on investments, and had only a hundred clients. As time passed, BRL developed a reputation as a firm with professional, reliable service, and both its client base and investment options grew. Today, it is the largest financial firm of its type in Brazil, and offers 20,000 clients expertise and assistance in capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, and administration and management of investment funds.

As the planet has become increasingly digitized, and many industries, especially financial ones, do business not just locally but globally, BRL has kept up with these trends for its clients. The company has developed BRL Trustee Services, which allows its clients to securely monitor loan collections and transfers through a database that represents more than 300 companies. The firm has the trust of the Securities Exchange Commission, which has authorized the company to have control and custody of its clients’ investment funds. And BRL Trust has also been authorized to find solutions to custody and settlement of assets, centralize procedures settlements, and obtain cash settlements and control of securities lending operations. Control and payment of taxes, reporting to regulatory agencies, calculation of shares and profitability, events accounting, control of shareholders, and standardization of reports are other services that BRL supplies to clients.

In addition to asset pricing, BRL Trust manages assets for both private individuals and companies. Part of the appeal of this company is a large, well trained staff of experts who help clients to make sound investment decisions. BRL has guided its clients in investing in a number of Brazilian construction projects, in addition to acquiring gold and other precious metals as a way to add to the assets of investors. The company also serves as a proxy for clients, buying and selling investments to expand their investment holdings. The company has also recognized and engaged in corporate underwriting as a form of investment.

For both companies and individuals seeking to take advantage of both the growing investment market in Brazil and the existing one internationally, BRL Trust is the company to turn to for safety, security, and results in the field of investments.

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Posted on February 25, 2015

Vijay Eswaran and the Several Hats he Wears

Vijay Eswaran was born in 1960 and is a Malaysian businessman, as well as an author. He currently serves as the Executive Chairman (EC) of the QI Group which is headquartered in Hong Kong. The QI Group is an ecommerce based business in both retail and direct sales. The QI Group has grown into a multi-business conglomerate with regional offices in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore as well as Hong Kong. The QI Group maintains a presence in 30 countries through a series of subsidiary companies.

He is a graduate of the London School of Economics with a degree in socio-economics. After graduation, Vijay stayed on in Europe working at several jobs including cab driver, grape picker and construction laborer. While in the United Kingdom, he discovered binary system marketing. He obtained professional qualifications from the CIMA in the United Kingdom and then earned an MBA from Southern Illinois University.

At the time he completed his education he had developed an interest in multilevel marketing (MLM). He worked MLM on a part time basis while being employed at Synaptics, located in the United States. He began looking at MLM more seriously and as a full time career when he returned to Malaysia and was asked by the Cosway Group to start up a business.

Vijay Eswaran is a motivational speaker and speaks on a variety of subjects worldwide. His speaking engagements have brought him to world economic and business forums, leading universities, and management teams.

Vijay Eswaran is also passionate about philanthropy and established the RHYTHM Foundation (RF). It is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the QI Group and involved in activities worldwide. He established a chapter of RF and calls in the Vijayaratnam Foundation in honor of his father. This particular chapter works locally in Malaysia and works with charitable organizations to provide special education, woman empowerment, youth development and child mentoring.

Vijay Eswaran was named in Forbes annual list of Heroes of Philanthropy in 2011 and was most recently recognized with a lifetime achievement award in regional philanthropy by the Asian Strategic Leadership Institute in Malaysia, a leading independent think tank.

Vijay Eswaran is also a bestselling author who has written a highly successful book on life management entitled “In the Sphere of Silence.” He has also authored three other books entitled “In the Thinking Zone,” “18 Stepping Stones” and “On the Wings of Thought.” He is also a regular contributor to several newspapers in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

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Posted on February 11, 2015

Qnet LTD Is Paving the Way For Technological Innovation

The company Qnet LTD is a direct selling company that offers a wide range of products to its customers, including nutrition, personal care items, weight management, luxury goods and energy products. All of these items are sold directly to the customer and through distributors. All of this makes it possible for the company to increase it profits. The founder, Vijay Eswaran, learned about multi level marketing, or MLM, while in college in Europe and eventually in the United States. Since his education, he founded the company in Malaysia (his home country) and then spread out offices throughout the region, including the main company headquarters in Hong Kong. With the branches located in Thailand, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Philippines and Indonesia, the company is able to sell and market products to hundreds of millions of people through the multi level marketing process.

The MLM process depends greatly on independent representatives who sell the product and refer the product to consumers. When they do this and items are sold, the independent representatives receive a commission based off of the sale and the total volume. Beyond this, the independent representatives are able to take on their own independent individuals who can sell the product even further. This group then receives another amount of commission based on the selling of the product. It basically works like a legal pyramid method of selling items. Qnet LTD sells the products to a handful of independent representatives, who then sell it to more people, and this next group of people sell the product to even more consumers. All of this allows Qnet to increase the amount of money it brings in, and with the assortment of different goods and products, there is a large list of potential sales items for the company to bank off of.

The company functions with the help of an aggressive marketing campaign through newspaper advertisements throughout the regions where the products are sold. This way, a company is able to have a strong appearance in the given region and people in the community can see this product. This way, it is easy for the independent representatives to sell the products as those people in the community already know about it. The main branch does the majority of the work with advertising while the independent individuals are able to take advantage of this marketing and then sell the products, all of which help increase the profits for Qnet.

Now the company is so large they have partnerships with major sports outlets like Manchester City, as well as hosting their own tennis tournament.

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Posted on January 30, 2015