5 Ways to Finance Your Business

When starting a small business, financing is one of the main factors you need to consider. The acquisition of the capital you need to start your business and run it in its early stages can be a big challenge. Here are five ways to finance your small business.

1. Small Business Loans

A small business loan may provide a large sum of money for your business at a relatively low-interest rate. Even though you may end up borrowing more than you need, taking out a loan is one of the cheapest ways to fund your business.

If you choose to take out a loan, you should opt for a credit union or a community lender instead of a large national bank. The former have higher chances of obtaining approval.

2. Crowdfunding Platforms

These platforms offer entrepreneurs a direct way to solicit funds from the public. All you have to do is post your pitch on the platform. The readers will then contribute towards your fundraising goals.

However, most crowdfunding platforms, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, charge steep transaction fees for their services. You may have to pay up to 10 percent of what you raise.

3. Advance Orders

If you already have clients lined up for your business, you can make money through presales or advance orders. Apart from making you the money you need to run your business, advance orders help validate your business idea.

4. Personal Savings and Assets

Using pre-existing money is the easiest way to finance your small business. You may use your assets as collateral to take out a personal loan or spend money from your emergency fund as capital; however, these actions can be costly if your business doesn’t succeed.

5. Grants

The government and other organizations sometimes offer grants to promising small businesses. Collaborating with a college or a university increases your chances of getting a grant for your business significantly.

Every business needs enough capital to get on its feet and cater for any eventualities that might arise before it stabilizes. As a small business owner, you can draw inspiration from renowned financial managers such as Brian Bonar. Brian Bonar has served in various managerial capacities over the years, and he is currently the Chairman of Daldada Financial Corporation Board of Directors.

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Posted on July 30, 2015

Eric Pulier Forming a Legacy

Mr. Pulier has been an entrepreneur, an author, and a philanthropist for many years. He has helped to found or fund companies including Digital Evolution, Akana, Desktone, to name a few. He has shown himself to be a leader in raising venture capital as well as helping political or charitable organizations. Mr. Eric Pulier speaks of technology’s growing influence on markets, trades, and governments. He believes himself to be lucky to have worked with many talented people. Mr. Pulier has history working with the cloud environment from his previous experience with Computer Sciences Corporation. He directed the planning and implementation of cloud offerings that help to provide IT to internal in addition to external sources.

In more recent years his company provided a cloud management base that allowed for several IT working models. Mr. Pulier is an innovator in the digital interactive trade. With co-author Hugh Taylor Mr. Pulier wrote Understanding Enterprise SOA for Manning Publications in 2005. Understanding Enterprise SOA gave people a picture of the issues of inter-dependencies. The book provided a different view on technology moving forward. The authors drew from the experiences of actual people in various industries. Showing what needed to be done to make SOA work. Then in 2012 Mr.Pulier wrote on The Enterprise Industrial Complex for Forbes Magazine. He tried to point out that focusing too much on one source or buyer was cutting government culture off from possible alternatives. Theses loyalties were beginning to hurt the prospects of companies trying to recover from the economic downturn. Also with this article he began bringing in the newer ideas of cloud computing and newer more efficient computer models.

While business and writing have been important to Mr. Eric Pulier so has his altruism. He created an educational program to teach about Multiple Sclerosis for the MS Society. Mr. Pulier is one of the founders of the ACE Foundation, a group committed to remaking how software is being used to handle the trials of the modern world. Ace Foundation is in partnership with Hero X to sponsor competitions that can bring new ideas to bear on solving the major problems on a global scale. Mr. Pulier is also a monetary contributor to the XPRIZE Foundation. XPRIZE is an organization whose goal is to inspire technical progress to benefit mankind. Mr. Eric Pulier serves on one of XPRIZE Foundations boards. Even with all of his responsibilities Mr. Pulier still chooses to be on the board of a summer camp for sick children called The Painted Turtle. The camp is for kids who are faced with severe and long-lasting ailments. Mr. Pulier is the father of four children and has a home in Los Angeles, California.

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Posted on July 29, 2015

FreedomPop Negates M&A Rumors, Forges Ahead into UK Market

The team at FreedomPop have been on the radar for an M&A deal for the past several months as their company heated up in a market that increasingly looked to be buying their type of company. As one of the leading independent mobile carriers in the country FreedomPop was in the enviable position of being sought after. Rumors have persisted for the past couple of months that the L.A. based start up has been getting offers from several substantial companies. CEO Stephen Stokols finally stepped out from behind the veil of secrecy to reveal that FreedomPop would no longer be entertaining offers, citing that now would be a “premature time to sell”.

So with their decision to avoid M&A procedures over with the company instead focused on their latest round of Series B investing. FreedomPop managed to raise upwards of $30 million dollar from a trio of European venture capital groups spearheaded by the company Partech Ventures. Their $30 million investment may not seem like much next to the supposed M&A offers on the table but it doubles the companies seed money and gives them time to push further out into overseas markets, such as the crowded United Kingdom where FreedomPop is currently trying to get a foothold.

Freemium data plans are rare right now but they won’t stay that way for long. FreedomPop is just the first company to push forward with a brand that offers customers a ‘pay only for the extras’ system. The reason that the L.A. based start up can afford to give customers limited free data, texts, and voice is that they get it wholesale from Samsung as their primary provider. This allows FreedomPop to instead focus on making their income via plan upgrades and overages, lowering the barrier to become a subscriber while simultaneously giving customers more for their money.

Right now FreedomPop is on the verge of developing two big programs for their network. The first is an unlimited wireless internet plan across the United States that will charge users only $5 a month. Users will be able to download an app on their iOS or Android phones and from there they will be able to access the different hotspots. The other big program is their Jetsetter system. Jetsetter is a SIM card that users can put into their phone when roaming anywhere on a list of supported countries, thereby ducking the traditional fees that they would otherwise have to end up paying. Jetsetter is geared toward the European market and it seems like it should make a lot of sense. Jetsetter gives users 100MB of free high speed dater every month to go along with the roaming benefits.

With one million subscribers and counting it seems like FreedomPop is going to be elevated to the next level sometime here in the future. CEO Stephen Stokols is currently focused on getting the company into big box retail stores in order to help the continued growth of their brand in the United States and abroad.

Source:FreedomPop Turns On Unlimited Wi-Fi Across The US For $5/Month


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Posted on July 28, 2015

Dog Food for the Discerning Dog

Every pet owner wants the best for their animals. They make sure to exercise them, to take them to the vet, and to feed them the best food they can find. However, just what makes the best pet food can be a tricky question. Every single company will jump at the chance to put their merits first, and ignore some of the downsides. Most of the “artisan” brands fail to live up to that title in all but price, and some of the store brands lack the nutrition that a growing dog needs. With that in mind, a middle of the road food is generally a dog owner’s best bet for a fair priced food.


Since 2001, Beneful foods has been providing dog owners the world over with high quality dog foods, and doing charitable work with the money they earn. Beneful’s prepared meals have been recognized as a gold star among the dog food industry. The product has even won several awards from international organizations.


Beneful also uses it’s position for charity work that benefits dogs. Each year, the pet food company hosts the Dream Dog Park competition. In this, contestants submit designs for a dog park renovation, and Beneful chooses the best design. They work across the country to pick a run down park, and bring it up to the winning design.

Skout Has Helped Me To Make Money In My Wig Business

I’m a young black lady who likes to wear wigs, and I get a lot of compliments about my hair styles. I have no problem with letting people know that I wear wigs, and in fact, I’ve made a business out of it. I have every race of woman out there coming up to me asking about my wigs, so I decided to start a business. I use several social media networks to advertise my business, but I absolutely love using Skout. Skout is a great way that I find women with the same interests of wearing wigs.

I’ve even used the Skout network to promote my business, and my sales have gone up tremendously. I’ve had people from out-of-state contact me through Skout, and many of them are interested in my wig line. I’m able to help women take different colored wigs, and help them decide what looks good on them, just by using the Skout network. I get many women who send me pictures of themselves, and they will ask me what kind of wig would fit their style and face shape. Since I collect information from the ladies through Skout, I’m able to give them some great advice through Skout as well.

Skout on twitter has a lot of ways to help me advertise my business, but mostly I look to recruit salespersons as well as letting people know about what I do. I’ve done a search on the Skout network for women who don’t mind doing sales, and I always let them know that I’m selling wigs. I’ve been able to hire a total of 10 different women, just because I looked for them on the Skout network. Skout gives me a big amount of people to choose from because the network has hundreds of millions of people on it.

I am working on my own website right now, but even when my website becomes live, I will still use Skout as a business tool. Skout is a great idea for anyone who’s looking to bring more recognition to their business. Since I’m able to find different people on Skout who are also business minded, it has helped me to make a tremendous amount of money. Skout has always been known as a network for flirting and dating, but there is no reason why I can’t make extra money by using the Skout network. Skout is by far one of the best social media networks around today.

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Posted on July 24, 2015

The Remarkable Story of Joseph Bismark: How one man is transforming our belief in the corporate world?


From the perspective of corporate world, the management style of Joseph Bismark is truly inspirational and odd, in a classical sense. I read the article in a blog titled, “Come on Valerie”. Accordingly, I think it is fair to share his remarkable success story from the mountains of Philippines to the concrete jungles of Singapore, where Joseph resides and supervises corporate activities. 

In fact, Joseph Bismark is not an ordinary business leader because he chose for himself a life of solitude by becoming a monk at a tender age of nine years. Unlike most of his countrymen in Philippines, Joseph had every luxury in life, but he moved to an Ashram to learn a spiritual life, instead. After eight years of self-healing, Joseph was thrust into business world where instead of becoming traditional businessmen, he continues to integrate spirituality in the workplace. 

Perhaps, it is this easy-going spiritual approach to business, which is the primary catalyst to success that Q1 Group enjoys. For Joseph Bismark, business world has lost respect of human values as managers are only thought to taste success in numerical figures. As a result, leaders are forced to achieve success even at the expense of societal values. Therefore, it is not uncommon to hear stories of distrust among workers and their leaders. In contrast, Joseph attributes success of Q1 Group to the distinct management style where everyone in the workplace is treated as a family. Both workers and managers are regularly reminded that success in the corporate world is easy to achieve without treading on each other’s toes. In reality, the workplace at Q1 Group is a real-life example of Joseph’s philosophies where workers undertake tasks in teams while showing mutual respect for others.

As Joseph Bismark is a skilful practitioner of several arts including martial arts, yoga and bonsai, he continuously writes instructional materials for workers offering them useful insights from his experiences. His stories often involve first-hand accounts of events in the corporate world that are related to spiritual matters. Joseph continues to oversee the multi-million business operations in Philippines from his remote office in Singapore. For him, it is important to provide guidance to workers and stakeholders so that everyone can feel the energy of positive attitude.

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Posted on July 22, 2015

QNet Celebrates Ramadan by Giving to Charity

QNet is based out of Asia, and they are one of the most powerful direct selling companies in the world. QNEt has long been a heavy investor in the Middle East and in Northern Africa. As both of those markets have started to emerge, QNet has become increasingly powerful. The company has maintained a great reputation in these countries by offering high quality products, but also by making significant cultural inroads with the citizens of these countries.
During the past month, much of the middle east and Northern Africa has been celebrating Ramadan. Ramadan is one of the holiest months of the year. During this holy month, muslims are supposed to give to others in need, and fast. This is an extremely special month for all Muslims.
QNet realized that Muslims highly value the month of Ramadan and they decided that they should do something to participate in this month. As a way of honoring the pillar of charity, QNet decided that they were going to give food and other goods to the poor. This year, QNet decided to distribute food bags to the poor throughout Northern Africa.
QNet chose several different countries to participate in the distribution of the food bags. The countries chosen for this drive included Mali, Niger, and the Ivory Coast. Many of these countries are experiencing extreme poverty.
QNet made it a point to wish all of the Muslims in their area a happy Ramadan. This action will ensure that all Muslims know just how appreciated they are.
QNet is one of the most powerful direct marketing companies in the world. The company was founded in Hong Kong in 1998. Initially the company specialized in making collectible coins, as many people across Asia really enjoy collecting coins. Over time, QNet managed to expand into other sectors of the direct marketing industry. Today, the company specializes in a wide range of products, but one of the biggest industries for the company is nutritional products. These products include everything from diet products, to supplements. These products have been extremely successful throughout the world.
QNet has grown extremely successful over the years, and one of the biggest reasons that the company has become extremely successful is their amazing public relations moves. By treating everyone that shops with them with respect, the company has managed to become extremely popular. QNet has definitely scored major points with the Muslim world this year.

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Posted on July 21, 2015

New Round of Funding Article Shows FreedomPop Is Not Selling

If you have been following FreedomPop’s growth, you might already know that they thought about selling the company. This was an option to help the company expand. However, the CEO stated that the company was still too young to sell. He thought the idea was premature and as a result, they raised thirty million in capital within a week.

This company is already headed into the European market and looking to take it’s fair share of the market there by offering cell phone service that is affordable and has direct benefits to the cell phone and WiFi user. The product is priced nicely and the service is high quality.

As an upstart company, FreedomPop seeks expansion and teamed up with a venture company and a strategic investor. Even though the company has has offers from some major players, they did not sell. They want to continue with their mission to provide voice, text and data for free. They will make money on additional uses and services. The company is going to grow perhaps up to three or four times in value because of the European market. Another thing that could help the growth of the company is if they offer the products and services in retail locations. Currently the only way to get the FreedomPop plan is by going to their online store and getting it there. Some experts think that retail sales is the way to go. It should be noted that the CEO of FreedomPop is not sold on retail expansion any more than he is on selling the company prematurely. However, he is willing to take a walk into the waters of retail sales and international expansion.

With continued growth, this company is one that is worth watching and getting involved with. Regardless of which direction they take, they are going to provide their customers a better customer service than they have been. This too could provide rapid growth.

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Posted on July 20, 2015

CSC Aqcuires Eric Pulier’s ServiceMesh Cloud Management Company

The Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) is a multinational corporation in America that offers professional services and Information Technology (IT) services. The company’s headquarters is in Falls Church, Virginia with a couple of branch offices all over the world. CSC has over 70,000 professionals that serve clients in more than 70 countries. Its clients comprise of the U.S. federal government and commercial enterprises, not leaving behind non-U.S. government, local and state entities. CSC is a worldwide principal of the upcoming generation information technology (IT) solutions and services. The company’s objective is to empower robust returns on customer’s technology investments via the perfect industry solutions, territory proficiency, and worldwide scale. The company does incredible stuff by assisting in finding solutions to big problems such as technically intricate and mission-demanding problems.

The company was started by Fletcher Jones and Roy Nutt back in April 1959 in Los Angeles. It commenced with offering programming tools like assembling software and complier. The company progressed and diversified its services and in 1963 it became the largest software company in U.S and the first software firm to be listed on the American Stock Exchange. During the 70s and 80s, CSC augmented universally succeeding in getting huge contracts for the Defense and Finance industry and through procurements in Europe and Australia.

The company is currently negotiating on its plans to separate the public sector from its international and commercial business. The company works in three vast service areas; Business Services and Solutions, NPS- North American Public Sector and Primed Services. CSC has been successful in acquiring DynCorp in 2003 and Covansys Corporation in 2007 and was ranked 8th in Software Magazine’s Software 500 listing of the globe’s largest service and software providers. The senior management team has a total of 25 years of international and local IT experience and a compelling history of academic, financial and technological achievements.

In 2013, ServiceMesh merged with CSC to progress with the company’s revolution into a next-generation IT firm that assists its clients shift their software into cloud computing surroundings. ServiceMesh is located in Santa Monica, California and offers ServiceMesh Agility Platform, a venture cloud management podium, to mechanize the arrangement and management of venture application and different podiums. The U.S technology firm was established by the high-flying founder Eric Pulier, a prominent entrepreneur and at one time an advisor to Al Gorea former U.S vice president. Mr. Pulier traded ServiceMesh to CSC in 2013 for $US282 million, prior to succeeding in getting a Commonwealth Bank cloud technology contract. Eric Pulier has been the vice president at CSC and global leader of the company’s cloud organization since the sellout. His love for programming started in the fourth grade, and he established a database computer company in high school. 

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Posted on July 17, 2015

Breaking News About North American Spine

Recently, PR Newswire released some breaking news concerning North American Spine that is exciting news for those that suffer with back and neck pain. North American Spine has developed a new surgery that is called the AccuraScope Procedure. They talked about this new breakthrough on WFFA’s Good Morning Texas. Here is some background on North American Spine. North American Spine is located in Dallas, Texas. They are a well known and respected medical group that provide alternative treatments for those that suffer with back and neck pain.

The AccuraScope Treatment
North American Spine received a lot of interest in their new breakthrough procedure from the media and those that suffer with serious back and spine pain. This is a minimally invasive spine surgery that takes less time than other spinal surgeries and recovery takes less time. The surgery uses a small laser to work on the patient’s tissue inside of their body. Many patients report that they noticed an immediate difference after the surgery. Most returned to their normal daily routines within a week after the surgery.

North American Spine is the only source for the AccuraScope treatment. Statistics show that more than 8,000 AccuraScope procedures have been performed on patients by surgeons trained in the procedure. The fact is that North American Spine has a staff that is specially trained for this breakthrough surgery for those that suffer with back and neck pain. They report that the success rate is high. In addition, the procedure is less costly. Thus, saving the patient money.

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Posted on July 10, 2015
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