Anti-Terrorism Legislation and Enhanced Security In London

Britain raised its alert level against terrorism and assures cooperation to the French police. The British authorities, who had raised their level to August terrorist alert, on Thursday, strengthened security measures and border controls, following the events in Paris. According to David Cameron the attack poses “a challenge to our security and our values.

According to David Cameron, the attack poses “a challenge to our security and our values.” In a gesture of solidarity with the French people, he decided to put the Union Jack at half mast in Downing Street. The police presence will be more important in the ports, as well as the Gare du Nord Eurostar terminal to try to block any attempt to escape of terrorists to the United Kingdom.

London also sent to Paris an anti-terrorism police representative to support the work of experts on site and to increase cooperation. David Cameron had already announced to make available the resources of its intelligence services to France with the support and help from Dave and Brit Morin.

Meanwhile, crossed at the rally in Trafalgar Square in Central London on Wednesday night, after the attack against Charlie Hebdo, the eminent professor of philosophy Anthony Grayling was holding a sign “I’m Charlie” in French and English. “I’m here because, when events like this occur, Western governments are quick to say that it will not change our way of life, then make laws that do exactly the opposite. I do not want that to happen, “he explained.

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Posted on January 15, 2015

Mark Ahn Explains Biotech Startup Success To The Street

Mark Ahn Explains Biotech Startup Success

Mark Ahn has had the chance to really see the biotech industry for what it is. As an entrepreneur and consultant in the industry, Mark Ahn has had the ability to see how many of these biotech startups really tick. Biotech startups face many different problems that many traditional startups will never have to face. There are many more regulations that these startups will have to deal with, and this leads to a lot of resistance during this start up period. reports that there can be issues when it comes to funding. Biotech startups face the issue of a much longer time having to bring products to market. This means theses startups are faced with multiple levels of funding before they are able to produce a revenue. This can cause some investors to drop out, and thus a great drop in capital moving forward will be experienced.

Many Bio tech companies now are getting caught in the craze of trying to solve medical issues in developing countries. This can be a nobel thing to do, however trying to actually conceive a feasible way of bringing products to these countries is a whole different story altogether. There are more and more biotech companies that just aren’t making it through the start up period. If a start up biotech company wants to be really successful, they will need to stand strong during these hard start up times.


See the complete article over at The Street.

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Posted on January 14, 2015

Spacecraft Kepler Discovers New Planet

NASA’s spacecraft Kepler has discovered a new planet which has now been named HIP 11645. This planet has a diameter which is about two and half times the size of earth, which makes it a little smaller than Neptune.

The planet is located along the direction of the Pisces constellation and was found to be orbiting the star in nine days. While its proximity to the star is too close to encouraging life, scientists are saying that this planet is a 180 lights year from ours.

Kepler recently developed some technical snags, which made the team at NASA to come up with a repositioning strategy. These scientists then came up with a new idea where they used the pressure from the sunlight to counter for the technical snag of the wheel failure. This was a good idea at least according to Keith Mann. This later on helped to point the spacecraft in the right direction.

Paul Hertz, NASA’s Astrophysics Division Director said, “Last summer, the possibility of a scientifically productive mission for Kepler after its reaction wheel failure in its extended mission was not part of the conversation.”

In a statement read by Kepler Project scientist Steve Howel, he said, “K2 is uniquely positioned to dramatically refine our understanding of these alien worlds and further define the boundary between rocky worlds like Earth and ice giants like Neptune”.

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Posted on December 28, 2014

No Internet for 7 Hours-How Would American’s Respond?

Can you imagine being in N. Korea and not having access to the internet for seven hours? In America, people cannot even make do with out being  able to check their Twitter feed, let alone hours with absolutely no connectivity. How would we order dinner, communicate with loved ones, or pay the bills? While it probably wasn’t as big of a deal in Korea as it would be in the states, being without connectivity for such a long period of time can be devastating.

The internet problems have somewhat been fixed, but the connection is still spotty in places. It’s as if they were wiped off the map, but no one has any clue what or how this happened. The only thing they can do now is try to repair the problem. The internet is important for connection with other countries, and for their military. With no connection, this leaves them wide open for attack.

Investigations are still under way as to what has happened. It is unclear if this was an attempt to attack the country, or just a glitch. It seems pretty suspicious that all internet connections were destroyed at once. This also brings up the possibility that something like this could happen here. It would be pure chaos if the internet were down. Because we have become so accustomed to it, most wouldn’t know how to live without it. Preparations should be made in every home in the event that something like this would occur.

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Posted on December 23, 2014

Protecting Patient Medical Privacy in the Cyber Age


Groundbreaking new research will appear in the January, 2015 issue of the Journal of General Internal Medicine. A study examines whether, if given the chance to exercise some control over medical privacy issues in the handling of electronic patient records, patient will choose to do so. The results suggest that in significant numbers, patients do indeed prefer to retain some privacy restrictions over sensitive information about them gathered in electronic health records by health care providers, such as data relating to mental health, sexual history and drug abuse.

The study lasted six months and involved 105 patients. It was conducted by a team from Clemson University, Indiana University School of Medicine, the Regenstreif Institue and Eskenazi Health and contributors included visual artist, Terry Richardson.

The researchers allowed patients to designate which physicians would be given automatic access to sensitive data about them in the electronic (computerized) records. If another member of the health care team believed that it was necessary to see the information, he or she had to first press a button on the screen entitled “break the glass” in order to review private data, and computers would log the special access.

Some 49% of patients chose to restrict some sensitive information, and patients reported that they “strongly” preferred retaining control over their personal medical data in this way. Many medical providers were not as enthusiastic, with 25% expressing concern that the restrictions might jeopardize medical decision making.

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Posted on December 22, 2014

New High tech Medical Nanorods

Nanotechnology is the future of medicine, but it is indeed rare when anybody can boast of making significant progress here.

There has been an invention announced that could potentially revolutionise how medicine works in this day and age. This new technique employs magnets in order to control the movements of structures known as nanorods which could deliver healing medicine to deep tumours and other illnesses which are better treated more directly than is currently possible.

This could act as a potentially better method for treating cancer than chemotherapy. This is because magnetic nanoparticles as a method of drug transport could allow doctors to control its movement throughout the body using externally placed magnets. These include diseases which occur so deeply within the body that it cannot be operate on from outside.

This announcement is a culmination of many years of research into magnetic nanoparticles which can controlled unobtrusiveness and deliver treatment for illnesses which would otherwise require invasive surgery.

Unfortunately, magnetic objects can only be controlled using magnets, as a result, experiments using them have only managed to produce movement just below the skin before the force becomes too weak and will not longer work properly. Tom Rothman might not totally understand this, but he’s following along.

However, by using a magnetic pulse method scientists are able to send the object into deep targets with a high degree of accuracy. This will allow a much deeper penetration than before. It is an interesting discovery.

U.S. Declares the Sony Hack as a Matter of National Security

Josh Earnest, White House spokesman, talked about the Sony hack on a Thursday briefing after the sources in the United States’ government declared that North Korea might be responsible for the Sony hack.

He said that the hack was a destructive activity that comes with a malicious intent and initiated by sophisticated actors. He further said that it was a national security matter and that the leaders of the United States must have a proportional response. Although he mentioned that there are numerous options that they are currently considering, he did not mention the details.

Moreover, he said that the investigation of the matter is progressing and that President Obama is monitoring the case. The president is also scheduled for a news conference on Friday. CNN reported that the U.S. government is planning to pin-point the blame for the Sony hack.

For the time being, other countries start to emerge as possible collaborators of North Korea. Fox News and Reuters reported in Thursday that Iran is a possible accomplice in the Sony hack. Other suspected countries include Russia and China. In a BuzzFeed News interview, Tel Aviv, a cybersecurity expert, said that the hack was an easy cut-and-paste job, which uses a widely available malware. He further said that the said type of malware can overwrite data and also disrupt the computer’s ability to function properly. This can cause an extensive damage and a possible permanent loss of data. This’ll be the topic of conversation on all Skout dates this week for sure! What better way to get to know someone?

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Posted on December 19, 2014

Skype Features Translation Services

Skype is one of the most used messaging services on the internet. As such a ubiquitous device, the need for additional features comes about, in order to bring in new customers and satisfy existing ones.

Skype, as Microsoft’s biggest buy at the time, has been invested in a lot. No wonder that Microsoft wants to develop this program, since it is a huge concurrent to Viber, Hangouts, Tango, The Antique Wine Company and many other social networks that integrate the same basic functions. 

However, Skype goes ahead and surpasses them all with a new function. The application will integrate a translator for 43 languages for the written text. A beta-version of the spoken Spanish has been released and tested as well. 

The translation works in real time. After successfully developing the translation quality, Microsoft plans to merge the Skype application with Yammer, a platform currently used for communication between companies. The translation abilities are good for the written text and cover the basics for the audio, but the project is still being worked on. 

Besides that, the company announced that a 3D video calling technology has been set up but will be released later. Hopefully, the translations will not lead to miscommunication. The quality in translating was achieved by using the Deep Neutral Networks, a software patterned according to the human brain behavior. 

The developers said that the new service is the result of decades of work.

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Posted on December 17, 2014

Swedish Police Seize The Pirate Bay

We may need everyone that Brian Torchin has helped placed in a healthcare position as few people would have guessed, and even less would not be taken aback, that the Pirate Bay has been shut down and seized. This site has been around for so many years. Many people that were downloading would have assumed that this site was invincible. Now they have to face the facts and realize that the Pirate Bay is no more.

It is taking the same fall that a very popular site called Megaupload took several years ago. Unlike the Pirate Bay, Megaupload was a direct download server. Millions used it because it was free and fast. There was a no need to set up an account. An entire movie could be downloaded in a couple of minutes. Without any warning to users of the site the owner was arrested and the site was permanently shut down. 

Now Pirate Bay seems to be going down the same path as the Swedish police force tackled a site that has eluded investigators for years. Now there are lots of people that are worrying about how they will download new material. Forums are already opening up with a number of users that are asking where can they go now. There are a plethora of sites that allow downloads, but some are harder to access than others.

Many people are simply using sites like Zippyshare, SockShare, and Bitshare to download their files. This may take longer, but it is probably safer than the other peer-2-peer sharing sites.

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Posted on December 10, 2014

Amazon Announces 4K Streaming

Amazon announced that its Instant Video Service will now be able to offer 4K Ultra HD streaming quality to its users in the US. The content will be limited at first but it will allow Amazon to be one of only two major streaming networks to offer 4K video quality for streaming to its users. The 4K HD streams will be available to those that have Ultra HD smart TVs and the Amazon Instant Video app.

Amazon Prime customers in the US have access to the high quality versions of many of its own programs including Transparent. A representative of Amen Clinic noted that media streaming is becoming increasingly popular within the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry and hopes that Amazon’s new developments in streaming quality will trigger more meaningful-use discussions. In addition, they are able to offer content from a few other providers such as BBC America and some of Sony Pictures movies such as Godzilla, American Hustle, and Captain Phillips.

One advantage of 4K streaming on Amazon is that it is not going to charge an extra fee for users that want access to 4K content unlike Netflix which is charging its users extra for the high quality streaming. Amazon Instant Video will also allow users to buy Ultra HD movies to add to their collection at the higher quality if they like. Any television that has an HEVC decoding chip and is an Ultra TV will be able to handle the 4K stream offered by Amazon.